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Menorah OES – Online Examination System Mobile App is a Native Mobile app build for Menorah OES – Online Examination System
MenorahOES Multi Branch System – Multi Branch Management Software,You can use it for your Institutes, student batches management with fee management and reports.
Resume building feature is added in MenorahOES. The user can build their resume and download it in different templates.
New Exam Layout is added in MenorahOES, the user can use two different exam layouts for exams.
This plugin enables drivers registration on Simontaxi – Vehicle Booking. This is the great way to collaborate with drivers those who want to work with you.
Simontaxi – Vehicle Booking Roundtrip enabled to offer Outstation Round Trip vehicle services for your customers where a traveler starts and ends his vehicle trip in the same city where he/she started from.
Simple installation will give you a route map.No Configuration needed. Just install Plugin and it will start working by adding route map to the booking page Left/Right side depends on admin settings.
Now assign a driver to a vehicle on Simontaxi – Vehicle Booking easy with this plugin. You can assign a driver and can charge driver charges from the customer. You can set the driver charges as ‘Fixed Value’ OR ‘Percent’

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