Menorah Tutor – Tutor Directory Mobile App

Menorah Tutor – Tutor Directory Mobile App

MenorahTutor – Tutor Directory Mobile App is a Hybrid Mobile app build for MenorahDirectory, A directory listing script for online Tutors.

Note: This Mobile app for MenorahDirectory Application. You must have Directory Script to launch Mobile App.

Awesome Features
  • Student, Tutor and Institute Management
  • Tutors will enter teaching courses along with available timings
  • Tutor Profile settings with image and video upload to their profile gallery
  • A student can manage their settings and contact the tutor before finalizing the tutor
  • Separate institution level module, where Institute can add their tutors and manage them
  • Complete admin settings and full control over the system
  • Detailed documentation and complete functionality
  • Real-time Chating

General Features of Tutor
  • Tutors can contact students by their requirements.
  • Tutors can also register under institutes
  • Easy to contact Students & Institutes.
  • Real-time Chat with Student
  • Answers to Student with Notifications

General Features of Student
  • Tutors System Facilitates to Book a Course for students by Online
  • Students can also book under institute offered Batches
  • A student can post his requirements if he not get required tutor on the list.
  • Simple Procedure to Book Tutors & Institutes.
  • Real-time Chating with a tutor
  • Ask Questions to Tutor with Notifications

Awesome Technical Features
  • Technologies- Ionic 3 + Angular 4 + Typescript
  • The latest release of Ionic 3 and Angular 4 version
  • Full authentication of Landing and Login page.
  • Side menu support with user profile picture
  • Lazy loading Tutors and Articles
  • About us components
  • Push Notifications
  • logout
  • Very easy to customize
  • Beautiful UI Design
  • Generated icons and splash screens
  • Social Logins (Facebook and Google Plus)
  • Blogs